icicle_streams's Journal

Name: Is that something you should really put on the internet?
Gender: Female (although I am quite good as dressing up as a boy :P)
Age: School-age

I like art, sewing, music (I play piano, violin and electric bass), soccer, reading, writing, video games (blame my brothers for getting me into games. I play FPS like Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda and I'm pretty good at Super Smash Bros too. You have to be to compete with my bro)and I like skiing too. Oh, and go Rurouni Kenshin and Prince of Tennis too!
I'm an ABC (aussie-born chinese), Australian (go figure from previous statement!)
And I'm Christian too, yup yup! :)
And... uh... I guess that's me in a nutshell. You can get a more detailed account of me by checking under the 'About me?' tag, if you really want.

This is a strictly friends only journal (you know, privacy and all), but feel free to comment on my Friends Only post about how we stumbled across each other and I'll probably add you too. Anonymous Internet friends are good :)

Btw, here's a link for more detailed thing about me (It's Friend Locked though): http://icicle-streams.livejournal.com/1898.html