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My stories will be published publicly (but you’re probably better off checking my fanfiction.net account for that), but this journal is friends only. Please comment to be friends.

Basics on me:

Australian Christian girl who love writing, drawing and designing art/clothing, music and video games. Want to know more? Then comment!

Fic: What Friends Do

Title: What Friends Do
Fandom: Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City
Characters: Mitzi, Punchy
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 482 words
Summary: Mitzi wonders if Punchy would ever return his feelings as they stand talking under the City Fountain. Oneshot

Every time she stepped off that bus...Collapse )

Anybody else like that quote? I remember when I first read it and being like 'Naw...'
Feel free to comment :)

Fic: Evidence

Btw, sorry for the friends list spam, but I'm lazy/unorganised and didn't get round to posting my stories up on my LJ. Dui bu qi! :P

Title: Evidence
Fandom:Prince of Tennis
Characters: Echizen Nanjirou, Echizen Ryoma
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,237 words
Summary:'The boy was his evidence. Living proof of what had been. What will be.' Nanjiro musing on his and his son's tennis careers.

The boy was his evidence...Collapse )

This is my personal fave of all the PoT fanfiction I've done so far... I'm working on a Tachibana An-centric story at the moment, but you know, life calls. Hate to be blunt, but there are more important things than fandom stuff (says the girl who's not doing her homework but updating her livejournal instead...)

Fic: Decorous Hysteria

Title: Decorous Hysteria
Fandom:Prince of Tennis
Characters: Yagyuu Hiroshi, Niou Masaharu
Rating: T
Warnings: Some strong themes of death may be confronting
Word Count: 690 words
Summary:Yagyuu mourns the loss of his friend and contemplates the life that was and the proper way of mourning such

Decorous Hysteria...Collapse )
Thanks to Miss Owl and Lissie Lupin for bringing certain issues to my attention, and the importance of sensitivity and clarity within a story.

Fic: En Passant

Title: En Passant
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters: Momoshiro Takeshi, Kaidou Kaoru
Rating: G
Warnings: Slight spoilers, please not that it's not yaoi/shonen-ai
Word Count: 1,883 words
Summary:Momoshiro and Kaidoh have a discussion about tennis, friendship and life over a game of chess. Takes place after the Third Years leave Seigaku.

En Passant...Collapse )

The usual, feel free to comment :P

Fic: Easily Repaired

Title: Easily Repaired
Fandom:Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword
Characters: Peatrice, Link
Rating: G
Warnings: Spoilers
Word Count: 1,181 words
Summary: Another boring day at the Item Check... until Peatrice overhears Groose tell of his adventures on the surface and the truth of her beloved hero in green. Oneshot.

Easily Repaired...Collapse )
Beta-read by Silvara over at fanfiction.net

Constructive criticism welcome :)


Title: Relish
Fandom:Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword
Characters: Ghirahim, Fi
Rating: PG
Warnings: Adult themes, spoilers
Word Count: 1,400 words
Summary: A strange phenomenon bring Ghirahim and Fi together in a meeting of spirits during Link's final battle with the Demon Lord.
Author's Notes: Companion piece to 'Remember,' and beta-read by the lovely [info]inlustris

He was falling...Collapse )
Same drill as usual, feel free to comment and give constructive crit. Or ask questions (I think this is one of my more cryptic pieces)


Title: Remember
Fandom:Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword
Characters: Fi, Ghirahim
Rating: PG
Warnings: Ghirahim being creepy once again, but nothing super explicit, like before
Word Count: 1,994 words
Summary:"For you and I, we are kin, are we not?"
               Fi's chance encounter with the demon lord himself as she awaits Link's return within Eldin Volcano.

She felt something grip the hilt...Collapse )


Title: Squirm
Fandom:Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword
Characters: Ghirahim, Link
Rating: PG
Warnings: Um... Ghirahim being creepy. But no sex or extreme violence or whatever.
Word Count: 293 words
Summary:'But there was none he liked to watch squirm so much as him...' Ghirahim contemplating the beautiful, wretched youth that so often foiled his plans. Not GhirahimxLink

He liked to watch him squirm...Collapse )

So Much More

Title: So Much More
Fandom:Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword
Characters: Zelda, Link
Rating: G
Warnings: Spoilers
Word Count: 302 words
Summary: 'A goddess shouldn't be confined to a tiny rock in an expanse of nothing...' Zelda's discussion with Link following Ending Credits. Oneshot

So much more...Collapse )

Posted this at fanfiction.net as well. The usual, feel free to leave constructive crit :)